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Spring Service Time!

It's that time of year when bikes start to get pulled out from the garage and readied for riding. If your bike needs some pro TLC to prepare it we're on hand with our special Spring Service. For only £50* we'll have your bike ready for the season ahead.

For £50* we will...

  • Inspect the frame and forks
  • Inspect the cables
  • Replace inner gear and brake cables
  • Inspect and adjust the bearings
  • Check gears for wear
  • Check chain for wear
  • Adjust the headset
  • Tune the gears
  • Adjust the brakes
  • Check and torque the bolts
  • Lube the chain

Don't leave it until the rush happens, book in now and get your bike back in 24hrs!

Book here...

* Excludes parts.


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